Quit Smoking Approach

There’s simply no shortage of ways to quit smoking. In fact, with so many different cessation patterns and ideas people have about quitting smoking, it is almost impossible to imagine why anyone would have a problem quitting smoking.

The fact is that everyone can quit smoking, but most of them fight for a long time until they finally learn how to quit. Most people who eventually quit smoking realize that this is one simple thought, one idea, one very deep idea, one profound change – your way of life – forever, which distinguishes the fight to quit smoking from the successful quitting and quitting smoking forever.

The best way to quit smoking is, of course, a method that works for you. No matter how you quit smoking, this one simple idea is essential to quit smoking effectively. Whether you use patches, affirmation and visualization programs, nicotine rubber or pills as your approach to quitting, adopting this belief is almost an iron guarantee that you will succeed.

But beyond this belief or thought, there is a need for action. Quitting an addiction is not a passive activity in which you decide to quit and a moment later you are magically non-smoker. That’s why quitting smoking by cold turkey has one of the lowest success rates of all techniques – there are no measures to strengthen the idea of quitting smoking. The abandonment of a cold turkey can be compared to a desire to be somewhere in the car. Imagine how far you would go if you decided to go somewhere, but then never get on the car, never put it on the gear and never get on the gas. You won’t get very far.

Those who use the cold turkey technique decide that they want to quit smoking, they can set an end date and then focus entirely on not smoking on that day. There are no plans other than setting a date, preparing and continuing support activities. Their ‘smoke-free’ actions are actually counterproductive because they focus on smoking and not on quitting. And all too often a little preparation and planning does not include that one simple, deep thought that can make a difference.

What is this thought? It is a simple statement: “I can quit smoking”. How many deep and deep thoughts it may seem to be too simplistic to have the power to influence your attempts to quit smoking. But it is precisely this thought, this is a statement that can have an effect on quitting smoking.

This statement is so powerful because it takes you from a position where you have to fight to quit smoking to a position of strength where you have commanded and degraded the power of dependence on cigarettes to a position below your innate strength and strength. When you accept the idea that you can quit smoking and take it as your attitude to smoking, you acknowledge and put into practice the inner strength that we all have, but most of us have not learned to use it. And you put that power to work to overcome habits and quit smoking forever.

This statement takes you from the weak position in which you are programmed not to reach the position of a force from which you have control and which helps you by strengthening your efforts to quit smoking. Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, in any way, you’re right. As soon as you take the attitude that you can quit smoking, you started to quit smoking successfully.

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